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“Stunning -- Your portrait of Cash speaks for itself - when I came back home last evening I was taken aback by the vivid image and felt as if Cashew was staring right at me.  I think that even a total stranger would see the warmth of her spirit and the wisdom in her soul through those eyes - you really captured her!”

--Amy Tate, Dog Portrait Client


“Your photos are magnificent. I sense a life and spirit in these portraits—they breathe through the screen.”

–--Sunny McLean
Broadcast News Editor and Field Producer, NBC, CBS, CNN

“You capture the essence of the beings you photograph.  Some people take take Emotographs.

---Sheryl Kaminskii
Breeder: Daybreak Australian Shepherds
Usui Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher


“Perhaps it is Lori's intimate understanding of dogs - but her photographs capture the spirit of the animals she works with.  Dogs who might shy away from others, seem to understand Lori's sensitivity to them, and so they show themselves to her camera with abandon. Lori does not pose the dog, or ask them to "sit" or "stay" or "look this way" or "that" - Lori catches them being themselves, and they trust her.”

---Karen Miller
Town & Country Canine
APDT Professional Member, AKC CGC Evaluator, Delta Society Pet Partners Evaluator


“Oh.....Lori!!!!!!!   Your photographs are awesome!!!!  It just touched my heart so deeply that I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes!  What wonderful photos of beautiful animals. My tears are for the love and attention given to these precious creatures to capture their beauty!! I love the photo of Arrow in the Marsh.  I can see that you slow down and listen by your wonderful photography!  What a gift you have! “

–--Sam Brotherton, Dog Owner


“WOW! Dog trainer, pet photographer & pet portrait artist!! I am SOOO impressed you are super nice & super talented!!”

---Dr. Stacey Joy Hershman, Veterinarian


“Wow. I just came from your website. Your work leaves me without words. I saw the butterflies and the flowers first and you truly ‘capture’ the beauty and essence and soul intrinsic to each subject. Then I saw the dogs. Wow again. I think it takes someone with a lot of love to create works that portray so much love. You made my day.”

            ---Cheryl Ward
Artist, Author, Trainer


“Hi Lori!!! I am blown away by your work on your website!!  Holy cow, those pictures are just stunning! Where did you find those butterflies?  And how were you able to capture those flower images?  And the DOGS!!!  Those are really the most beautiful dog and cat portraits I've ever seen!!  What are you doing?? I must know your secret, haha!!  They are just so beautiful, they completely draw me in.  No wonder your clients order BIG prints.  Gorgeous work, Lori.”

–--Lauren Clough Photography

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